Possesses operational experience in all areas of fabric production and packaging through competent individuals and strong manufacturing base due to which the company is growing at a very rapid pace.

Orient Textile Mills being fresh to the export market brings an innovative approach to the world of textiles, with providing all solutions within a single system and acting as a liason between the end user and cotton grower.

A major expansion is underway by the name of Ebrahim Textile Mills (Pvt.) Ltd. Ebrahim Textile being the latest and the most modernized facility in the country with a state of the art Wet processing facility processing a capacity of producing 3 Million Meters per month and a cut and sew facility with a capacity of handling 1.5 Million pieces per month.


Key Elements of Our Textile Industry

The preparatory part is designing in such a way that producing any thread count ranging to 200-100 ends and Sizing of 28 beams with a head of 4 Meters enables us to handle all kinds heavy thread count.

Largest Jacquard Installation in Pakistan

The plant includes one of the largest Jacquard Installation in Pakistan. These high speed machines, 650 RMP upto 13" with the latest Staubli Jacquard can produce any required patterns. These articles can be produced on these machines range from sheet set, Top-of-Bed, Table covers, Bed spreads and Matalesse, upholstery and Curtain Materials and even panels with a single repeat upto 126" finished. All these machines are equipped with 4 color weft insertion and are backed by State-of-Art on line Jacquard CAD, CAM system.

Rotatory Printing Machine

The rotatory printing machine can produce designs with a maximum of 15 colors. With maximum possible width of 320 cms and repeats upto 91 cms, the printing machine can produce regular prints and semi panels.

Panel Printing

Panel printing is among the new trends and is gaining popularity every day. At ETM the flat bed printing machine can go upto 12 colors with the highest possible meshes ultimately producing prints which are unique in their own way.

Cut and Sew

The cut and sew is equipped with the state of the art roof track stitching system which designed to cater intrigue confections and hemming treatments in addition to appliques and embroideries.


Our Edge in Textile Industry

- Huge Warehousing
- Large Fabric Production Capacity
- Commitment to Quality
- Continuous Investments