our values

We believe in the 7Ms of management

Quality, service, innovation and cost effectiveness are areas in which we excel. We are committed towards the textile industry and have our focus on people, technology and environment.

And to achieve this, we at Orient Textile Mills believe in the 7Ms of management:


We believe that a happy and satisfied employee can help grow a company. Thus, we select educated and highly-trained professionals, and make sure that they are treated well.


We select the best categories of yarns, fabric, dyes and accessories, among other materials, to produce a high-quality product with minimal wastage.


We pay extra attention on selection of machines in all areas of production, whether it is weaving, processing and stitching. We believe that an appropriate machine not only enhances efficiency of the business but also saves time and increases revenue.


We efficiently utilize the money at hand by running a lean company, planned inventories and quick throughput time.


We don’t just sell fabrics but also designs that are produced in our design studios and are brought to life by our product development teams. This makes us a one-stop solution for everything in the textile industry.


We believe in better management in all areas of production, marketing, planning, finance and human resources. Only a well-managed company can excel in all aspects of production.


We believe in good business practices that include corporate governance, following government laws and regulations, serving stakeholders, welfare of the employees and a good healthy environment.