how we work

We have a complete state-of-the-art textile, spinning, processing and stitching facility that has the capacity to produce over 3M meters of fabric per month.


Every design tells a story. Our design teams work hard to bring that story to life through our fabric and make it stand out.


The plant includes one of the largest jacquard installation machines in Pakistan. The high-speed machines, 650 RMP of up to 13" with the latest Staubli’s jacquard weaving machinery, can produce any required patterns.





144 Looms

67 Looms

40 Looms

06 Looms

340cm = 800rpm

280cm = 850rpm

340cm (Dobby)

280cm, 380cm

Dornier = 400rpm

Picanol = 650 rpm


We make sure that every fabric that is processed in our mills is completely inspected and then taken care of, and for that we use advanced Greige fabric processes.


Orient’s skilled dyeing department ensures that all fabrics are dyed through sophisticated methods and machines that reflect the quality we want our consumers to experience.


Screen printing:

01. Rotary Printing

The rotary printing machine can produce designs with a maximum of 15 colors.
With maximum possible width of 320cms and repeats of up to 91cms, the printing machine can produce regular prints and semi panels.

02. Panel Printing

At Ebrahim Textile Mills the flatbed printing machine can go up to 12 colors with the highest possible meshes, ultimately producing prints which are unique in their own way.

Digital Printing:

We have an extensive ink-jet based method that produces intricate digital prints of different sizes onto the fabric.

Transfer Printing:

With a goal to provide our customers with everything under one roof, our fabrics also go through the process of transfer printing. The engraved copper or steel plate prints exquisite monochrome prints on the fabric.


The cut and sew is equipped with state-of-the-art roof track stitching system, which is designed to cater to intrigue confections and hemming treatments in addition to appliques and embroideries.


Packaged to perfection, we make sure that all products leaving our warehouses reflect the quality and effort gone into making it.