Difference between Orient Textiles and Competition

Difference between Orient Textiles and Competition

At OTM we believe in 7 Ms of Management


Human resource is an integral part of any organization. At Orient we pay extra attention to our manpower by selecting educated, highly trained professionals and then taking care of them so as to retain the talent within the organization.


Material is the basic ingredient in any organization be it a service industry or a product industry. We at orient select the best categories of yarns, fabric, dyes and accessories so to produce a high quality product with minimal wastages so a better product is produced efficiently at a minimal cost while keeping the factory Green.


Machines are the basic tools to produce goods or to generate services. Selection of an appropriate machine not only enhances efficiency but also saves time and increases revenue. For the same reason we are paying extra attention on selection of machines in all area of production whether it is weaving (where the best brand of air jet weaving i.e. Dorniers air jet looms are installed), Processing ( where all the European brands are being purchased) and stitching.


Money issue in management starts right from the scratch from where the enterprise is established. We at Orient efficiently utilize the money at hand by running a lean company, planned inventories and quick through put time.


What makes us different from our competition is also our method of working. We just don't only sell fabrics but also designs that are produced in our design studio and are brought to life by our product development team. This makes us a one stop solution.


We believe in better management in all areas of production, marketing, planning, finance and human resource. A SOP is being laid down to better manage all the activities that are in progress.

Moral Values

We at Orient believe in good business practices that include corporate governance, following government laws and regulations, serving the stake holders, welfare of the employees and good healthy environment.