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Quality Assurance

Commitment to quality is at the core of everything Orient Textile Mills does.

Self Audit Plans & Assurance 365 Days

  • Internal Audits have schedule.
  • An executive committee already in place to monitor the compliance Implementation. It reviews compliance progress and directs to all concerned to execute the standard in letter and sprit. In house training is also imparted under the control of HR & Compliance.

Claim Management

  • To avoid customer returns and dissatisfaction, Team Orient is working very hard to bring down customer returns.
  • To further improve sales and increase customer satisfaction, our quality and technical depts. are closely in contact with each other to bring about further improvements in the resultant product at all levels.
  • All programs' specifications are closely being monitored and in case of deviations, re-working operations are carried out in the concerned areas immediately.
  • Special attention is being given in processing, CMT areas specially in packaging for better presentation.

Quality Action Plan

Competence development for suppliers. Organization in place.

Continuously in Process
Inspections for all Launch
Continuously in Process
Product Development Precision - Development complete within Time Frame
Actively Followed
Process Control - Same parameters which are agreed during mini bulk.
Continuously in Process